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Handling errors in ASP.NET Core Web API

This post looks at the best ways to handle exceptions, validation and other invalid requests such as 404s in ASP.NET Core Web API projects and how these approaches differ from MVC error handling. More » core

Handling 404 Not Found in Asp.Net Core

You might be surprised to find that the default core mvc templates do not handle 404 errors gracefully resulting in the standard browser error screen when a page is not found. This posts looks at the various methods for handling 404 not found errors in core. More »


Using Unity.MVC5 and Unity.WebAPI in Umbraco

If you have ever tried to configure an Umbraco application to use Unity.WebAPI and Unity.MVC5 then you may well have experienced the error 'An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type LegacyTreeController'. This post explains the reason for the error and reveals the single line of code that is necessary to fix it. More »

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Wrapping ASP.NET Web API Responses for consistency and to provide additional information

Most well known public facing API's return a consistent response with a similar structure returned for all requests regardless of success or failure. This makes consumption of the API far easier and more intuitive. It also allows custom meta data to be added to every response. Out of the box, ASP.NET Web API does not use a common structure but it is very easy to change. This post explains how you can shape your responses by utilising a simple DelegatingHandler. More »


Startup Tools Series - Part 2 - DNS Management

This is the second part of a new series of short posts about essential tools for startups. This time we look at DNS management - a critical yet often overlooked service. More »


Startup Tools Series - Part 1 - Domain Registrar

This is the first part of a new series of short posts about essential tools for startups. As a startup, one of the first things that you will want to do is register a domain name and to do that, you will need a domain registrar. More »


Fixing Azure Blob Storage Content Disposition

The latest release of the Windows Azure Blob Storage API and Client Library supports the content-disposition header allowing you to force a file to download rather than display it in the browser. It also allows you to override the blob filename and specify a friendly download name. This can be very useful but you may find that it doesn't work out of the box. This article explains how to get it working. More »


Hosting Web Fonts in Azure Blob Storage using the new CORS Support

We have been waiting a long time for CORS support on Windows Azure Blob Storage but the wait is now over. This post describes how to enable CORS allowing you to serve web fonts from Azure Blob Storage and the Azure CDN. More »


Using Unity.Mvc5 and Unity.WebApi together in a project

At Devtrends, we prefer to split our Web APIs and ASP.NET MVC sites into separate projects but I know that not all Unity.WebApi and Unity.Mvc5 users feel the same way. This blog post addresses use cases where people want to use both libraries together within the same project. More »

open source

Taking ownership of Unity.Mvc* and Unity.WebAPI

We are pleased to announce that we have taken ownership of the popular Unity.Mvc* and Unity.WebAPI projects. At FeedbackHound, we use both these libraries in multiple applications so we are very grateful be able to take control and maintain the projects going forward. More »


MvcDonutCaching has a new owner

Following on from the recent post asking for volunteers to take over some of our open source projects, I am pleased to announce that MvcDonutCaching now has a new owner. More »

open source

Open Source Projects Looking For a New Home

For the last 2 years or so we have been maintaining six open source projects together with their associated NuGet packages. We have had a lot of support over that time and have had nearly 100,000 NuGet downloads to date which is fantastic. Unfortunately, other work commitments have meant that very little work has been done to maintain these projects in recent months. Rather than continue this way, I have decided to try and offload some of these packages in the hope that a new owner can devote some more time to them. More »

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