MvcDonutCaching has a new owner

Following on from the recent post asking for volunteers to take over some of our open source projects, I am pleased to announce that MvcDonutCaching now has a new owner.

A few days ago Clément Bourgeois took full control of all aspects of the project and has already released a new version!

If you are currently using the project then I am sure that you will be happy to hear that Clément and his company already use the library in production so have a vested interest in ensuring that the library is bug free and working well. As I mentioned in the last post, the project has been neglected for the past 12 months due to other work commitments so many issues and pull requests are waiting for Clément to address. It is great to see that he has started on these already. Some of these outstanding pull requests have already been merged and were included in the latest release.

I know that Clément has other improvements in the pipeline and feel happy that the project is in safe hands with someone who can devote the time it needs.

The project is still available at its original location on Codeplex ( but know that it is being migrated to GitHub ( so all new issues / pull requests should now go via GitHub.

A big thanks to Clément and good luck with the project.

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