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For the last 2 years or so we have been maintaining six open source projects together with their associated NuGet packages. We have had a lot of support over that time and have had nearly 100,000 NuGet downloads to date which is fantastic. Unfortunately, other work commitments have meant that very little work has been done to maintain these projects in recent months. Rather than continue this way, I have decided to try and offload some of these packages in the hope that a new owner can devote some more time to them.

The following projects are up for grabs:


View project and source code on CodePlex

View the NuGet page

Warning. You will need to know a fair bit about the MVC pipeline to want to go anywhere near this. There are several pull requests outstanding to get you started :-)


View project and source code on CodePlex

View the NuGet page

Reasonable knowledge of WCF extensibility points required plus a basic knowledge of how to properly do dependency injection. Some Unity experience is also probably a good idea.


View project and source code on CodePlex

View the NuGet page

This could be a very nice project for WCF but it is far too simple right now. Needs to be developed to include support for nested contracts etc. There are a few comments in previous blog articles where people have suggested new features and fixes.

What about Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebApi?

I am going to continue to maintain Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebApi myself and will be releasing new versions in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the existing packages and code should work perfectly with all versions of MVC / Web API (including pre-releases), provided that you have a BindingRedirect in the web.config. The NuGet package will add this automatically but if you are using the DLL or code from CodePlex, you will need to add it manually.

Where do I Sign Up?

First a warning. Please make sure that you have the free time as well as the necessary skills to ensure that you can keep your end users happy and the codebase relatively bug free. When I say take over, I mean 100%. You will be given admin rights to the codeplex site and git repo and can do what you like with the projects. I am not 100% sure how we are going to handle NuGet as yet because all the projects use the same account but imagine that we can come up with something.

If you are still interested in taking over one or more of these projects and have the necessary skills, please get in touch via the contact page.

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