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Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebAPI have new owners and new releases

We are pleased to announce that our popular open source projects Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebAPI are now once again being properly maintained. Our sister SaaS company FeedbackHound has taken over the day to day running of the projects and they have already released new versions.

This post originally appeared on the FeedbackHound Blog. Feedbackhound is now focused on android development, so we have moved all .NET posts back to DevTrends.

There is a blog post coming up that discusses FeedbackHound and the change of focus at DevTrends but what I can say now is that these changes will have a very positive effect on our open source projects.

Staff at FeedbackHound have dedicated hours to work on open source projects so our unfortunate neglect of Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebApi is now over :-)

Since taking over the running of the projects, they have updated both projects and released new NuGet packages.

Unity.WebAPI now references the latest versions of Unity and Web API. The assembly is also signed which I know is something that many people have been asking for. The existing NuGet package has been updated and the source code has been migrate to GitHub. All new issues should be reported on GitHub.

The naming of Unity.Mvc3 means that a slightly different approach is necessary. The existing NuGet will remain for people still using version 3 of MVC. Similarly, Unity.Mvc4 (which uses our code but was created by some other enterprising developers) can be used for those who are using MVC version 4. FeedbackHound has released Unity.Mvc5 which as well as referencing ASP.NET MVC 5, is now signed and has some other improvements. Again, the code is now on GitHub

For a full list of changes and more information, see the FeedbackHound blog.

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